Solder Paste Blender

  • Solder Paste Blender
  • Solder Paste Blender
Solder Paste BlenderSolder Paste Blender

Solder Paste Blender

  • Operational capability: 0-1000g*2tanks
  • Product description: SMT Solder Paste Mixer Solder Paste Blender,Solder Cream Mixer Machine

          Solder Paste Blender


Solder Paste Blender

SMT Solder Paste Mixer Solder Paste BlenderSolder Paste Mixer Solder Paste Blender



  • Unique contoured shape, generous appearance and practical, which is made by advanced coating process workmanship.
  • Mixing principle is on the basis of Motor rotation and revolution mode of agitation, no need to defrost the paste. Need to recovery the paste in short time, then the solder can be used after stirring well and deforming.
  • Okay for all brands of 500g paste, mixing with 2 cans in one time, which can save time and efficient.
  • Paste box no need to be opened during stirring to avoid oxidation and water vapor absorption.
  • Closed stirring can fix running time, make sure stability of paste softness, and by stirring old and new paste can make new active paste.
  • Enjoy the high degree of automation, stable performance, easy to operate, high safety factor, and simple in maintenance.
  • Applies to Omron time relay controller, reliable and easy to operate.



Operating speed 
Motor speed:1350RPM 
One revolution: 400RPM
Two rotations: 300RPM

Operational capability: 0-1000g*2tanks

Acceptance of solder cream pot 
Tank diameter X60-X67 standard configuration (suitable for general 500 g solder cream bottle)Other specifications, please contact us for customization.

Time setting 0.01s~99H99s,minute and second set

Display mode LED digital display

Rated power 60W Constant speed  60W

Working power supply AC  220V±10%  50Hz

Outline size 400×400×500mm

Machine weigh 45kg

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