LED tube,soft led strip ,led strip cutting machine

LED tube cutting machine

soft led strip cutting machine

led strip cutting machine


Be dedicated to the separating of aluminum based light bar, high efficiency, long life, without deformation and burrs, greatly saving labor and improving company benefits.

LED strip PCB cutting machine

Technical parameters:


220V 50HZ



Cutting thickness

0.5-3.0 mm

Maximum Cutting length


Machine Size

300*230*220 mm

Whole Size

800*370*220 mm

(Feeding plate can be customized)


About 36kg

Storage temperature


Working temperature


Blade material

SKD-11 high-speed steel material from Japan

Cutting Materials

aluminum based board, FR-4, glass fibre board and PCB, etc.

Feeding efficiency

2.5 pcs in a minute (1200mm pcb with 10 pcs pcb boards)


the distance between the parts on board and the microgroove should be above 1mm; the side width is unlimited


1)The board-cutting is done by 6 blades, and the upside one and the downside one for a cutting unit. So there are Group A, B and C. The whole cutting process is divided into 4 stages. The stress of the cutting process can be reduced by 80% than the traditional one-cut process for the small cutting quantity each time. And the edges of the board are quite smooth after cutting.

2)The cutting process is very stable because of multiple cutting. Even for circuit boards with shallow microgroove.

3)As the low cutting force of the blade, it can prolong the working life of the blades and reduce the cost.

4)Suit for cutting LED aluminum based board, copper substrate, light-emitting tube, light board, display pane, etc.


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