LED soft lamp stick double side glue machine

LED soft lamp stick double side glue machine

LED soft lamp stick double side glue machine,attach double side glue simultaneously to complete the roll plate

LED soft lamp stick double side glue machine

Outside Size:450*250*290(MM

(Input Voltage):220V,50-60HZ


(Weight):about 8 KG

一、 Major Function

1、The machine may manufacture’s led strip light’s wide range: 0~ 25mm. Assembling 3M double adhesive type and led Strip light light

2、The machine may manufacture led strip light type: waterproof,no waterproof,have the PVC cover or not led strip light.

3、The Production capacity is 1000 Meter/per hour on the basis of skillful worker.

4、The efficiency is double  than last machine. And save one worker. And easy,fast.

5、The machine’s reel has Clockwise and counterclockwise direction,the aim is that led inside or outside

6、May adjust the manufacturing speed.

7、Operate the machine’s process  is very easy, When the strip light is distorted,may use foot to stop it.

8、The efficiency is hign and reduce the worker’s repetitive movement.

二、(Machine’s parts notes)

LED Strip Light Reel Machine

1. (Fixed Axis)May use the structure to adjust the force on the basis of strip light’s width.

2. ((3MFixed Axis): Fix 3M double adhesive type

3. Adjust speed button

4. Power Switch

5. Fix Reel position,Automatic run.

6. Direction Switch, The direction is clockwise when O position, or not will be counterclockwise.

7.220V Power input line, Three-pin plug

8. Foot Switch,Control the machine’s movement or not.

led strip riiling machine


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